Monday, July 11, 2011



It's a lovely week for New York.  I'm 5 miles from Woodstock, photographing for Delta Spirit's new album which they are currently recording in a vibey old converted church.  Having just experienced 4th of July with a nice view of Manhattan, and now photographing and filming one of the better American rock bands in the country, I'll tell you what, it feels good to be an American right now!  As opposed to most of the time, where I honestly have convinced myself I'm half Costa Rican and half Swedish. Here is a shot I snapped from my friends apartment of midtown on July 4th which either proves I'm a proud American, or looks like an outsiders photographic analysis of America with dubious intent (see Robert Frank, "The Americans").


Delta Spirit records from 5pm to 5am every night. I cut out at 1am or so.   This works out for me as I am up by 9am daily to get some personal time.  I used to always journal as a kid, and it's strangely therapeutic and focusing to be able to collect my thought here.  

I'm just sorting through the first photos, I will post a couple as soon as I figure out what the overall vibe is. 


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