Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Art Show

Merry Christmas Diane, I am sending you this on Christmas morning because it's the first chance I've had to sit down with a little free time. It's been in insanely productive month. I made a new Mando Diao video for their winter single, "Nothing Without You". This was a break through for me, I've been directing videos for a while now, but this is the first one that I did everything on, shot it, directed, produced, edited. Total pain in the ass. The catch was, they had no time to shoot, so I had to use existing footage from the Documentary Vern and I are making and force it to work. Totally silly request, but have a look at and check out that Nothing Without You video. Pretty sweet. I never want to edit again.

Next, I spent a week in Costa Rica relaxing, and preparing a little art for my friends restaurant,, I also filmed a how to video for my wife's website, on how to make a jungle smoothie. Coconut water, whatever is growing, and a blender. Delicious and healthy. I'll send you that little video soon. It is funny.

After Costa Rica, I dove into 10 days at my studio of working on the Water Wells for Africa winter exhibit. This was to be the best time of my artistic life, working in my new 4th street Long Beach space, making whatever I want. It went great for a few days, then I got food poisoning and my boy Neil Harrison had to put together all my wood hanging mounts while I barfed my brains out. I finished the show just in time, got it hung up, spent 2 days filming a new video for Sherwood which I am directing, and now it's Christmas and no one is calling me any more, and I don't want to see anyone, unless they are bringing me desert. Here are a couple pictures from the show, I am putting a full gallery on my main website. I'm sorry you could not go Diane, maybe next time. Enjoy the pictures though, it sure looked good, I was so happy.

Merry Christmas.