Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Iphone and ATT

I just hit my wall.  I have dropped every call today on my iphone.  AT&T is the worst phone company in the world.  I just emailed them this note.  Anyone who has AT&T will marvel at the amount of polite restraint I have used.  I will get back to photography on the blog soon.

To Customer Service:
I had an old iphone, now I have the g4 iphone. I drop every other call and I live in Long Beach California, not exactly a small city. I had Sprint for 5 years and dropped 2 or so calls in those 5 years. I am dropping nearly every call I make and I think your company sucks. I cannot wait until I can move to Verizon but sadly my new iphone locks me into your useless frustrating company. You ruin my life every day. I hate you and will take great joy in seeing what will surely be a mass exit to Verizon iphones. I have never been more frustrated with any company than you losers. You call yourself a phone company? What a joke. I could do better with a string and 2 cans.