Tuesday, June 1, 2010


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I started photographing when I was about 13 with a camera I lifted from my dad. I was really into skate boarding and I lived around the block from Remy Stratton who eventually became a hell of a pro skater. I used to shoot him and some of the other local guys skating backyard pools around our hood. I took this photo in 1987 when I was a punk ass teenager and developed the negs in my parents laundry room. Remy hit me up to use it for a retrospective story on his career in the most recent "Drop City" hard bound photo book. I'm actually more excited about this than anything else I've done in a long time. I never did too much skate photography as I gravitated towards other subject matter, but I've always had a huge respect for the craft. I am delighted to say, I am finally a published skate photographer with one of my earliest proper photographs. It is the "Drop City" book with Heath Ledger on the cover, the Remy story in there is all time! www.skatebook.tv


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