Friday, October 2, 2009

2 Parking Tickets In One Day

I've always had a problem with getting ticketed for parking in front of your own house, especially when we are already taxed so much. I got 2 parking tickets in one day, and just enclosed this letter
with the payment:

You people are the filth that make America a bad place to live. You are the ones working for the man to rape the American public while they steal our money and buy bigger houses and tax the hell out of us. What do you care, you work for them and you are their lap dogs. The problem is not the politicians, I expect them to try and steal from us, the problem is that you work for them and give them their power. You are the worst kind of filth.

thanks for raping long beach.


NUNZ said...

whaaaaaat. this is amazing. realllly good. mang this used to happen to me soo much in chicago!

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